Order Entry


  Handles mail/phone orders,   orders from shopping carts, websites or call centers.

Looks up the city and state, calculates tax, shipping, and prints invoice.

 Simple to use interface.

 Credit Card Processing


 Built-in credit card processing with one key press.

  No other software or terminal  required. Use your own merchant account.

 UPS Shipping


  Type in the shipping address once when the order is placed. You will never have to re-type the address into a separate shipping program.

  Prints UPS labels with the  Tracking Bar Code.

  Get the tracking number and shipping information directly from our software (you never have go to a separate shipping software).

  Send an Email confirmation when the order has shipped.

   Calculates the shipping rates right from our software.




Order Pro automatically keeps track of the stock of all your products by deducting and adding product quantities as they are sold or returned. The basic Order Pro package allows you to have 100 products. However, with our optional add-on-modules, you can have up to 100,000 products. Order Pro can handle products with different sizes, colors or styles. It allows for quantity price breaks. If your company sells to distributors and wholesalers as well as end-users, our software will allow you to setup different pricing for each of these customers. You can also configure kits (products composed of other products).
You can order an item by entering it's item number, by selecting it from a drop down list or by searching for the product using various criteria. During the ordering process, the operator can pull up a lengthy description about each product.
When an item is ordered that is currently not in stock, the item can be placed on backorder. When the item comes back into stock, the backorder will automatically be filled.
If some or all of your products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your customer, our system will allow you to keep track of these products. Our software will generate a list or purchase order of all items that need to be ordered from each manufacturer at the end of the day.


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Our basic software package (includes credit card processing) is under $300!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


All our software products come with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee!  We also provide one full year of free Technical Support via our toll free 800 number.




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