Order Entry



  Handles mail/phone orders,   orders from shopping carts, websites or call centers.

Looks up the city and state, calculates tax, shipping, and prints invoice.

 Simple to use interface.

 Credit Card Processing



 Built-in credit card processing with one key press.

  No other software or terminal  required. Use your own merchant account.

 UPS Shipping




  Type in the shipping address once when the order is placed. You will never have to re-type the address into a separate shipping program.

  Prints UPS labels with the  Tracking Bar Code.

  Get the tracking number and shipping information directly from our software (you never have go to a separate shipping software).

   Send an Email confirmation when the order has shipped.

   Calculates the shipping rates right from our software.



UPS Shipping

If your business ships via UPS then our optional UPS Shipping Module will handle all your shipping needs. By adding the UPS Shipping Module all your shipping tasks will become integrated into Order Pro. You will not need to go to a separate shipping or manifest program and re-enter your shipping information ever again. You can print shipping labels with the UPS tracking barcode.  At the end of the day you can generate your UPS manifest with one keystroke.  You can configure our system to have an email confirmation sent to your customer after their package has been shipped.
If a customer calls and reports that he or she has never received their package, you can display their invoice on the screen and instantly recall their UPS tracking number and package information.
If you charge your customer's shipping and handling based on the weight of their package, Order Pro can automatically calculate the shipping cost immediately. (The software has all the latest UPS shipping rates built in).


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Our basic software package (includes credit card processing) is under $300!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


All our software products come with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee!  We also provide one full year of free Technical Support via our toll free 800 number.




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